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Missed opportunities for Democrats to discuss issues in Michigan

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Originally published on on Mon, 01/14/2008 – 9:45am

The MSM has just become aware of the bad economy. Not in any real national context, but as the Republicans travel to Michigan, the MSM is noting the state’s unemployment rate, highest in the nation at 7.4 percent.

After 7 years of George W. Bush, a candidate for president could easily talk about the horrible job creation numbers of this administration. That candidate could talk about how to better serve those who have lost manufacturing jobs in Michigan and how to turn that around, a la Bill Clinton in 1992.

That candidate could also talk about the rising costs of health care, that every brand new Detroit-built car that comes off a lot has about $1,800 in health-care costs built into the price.

Unfortunately, the candidates that are in Michigan won’t discuss those issues, certainly not in terms that are needed to be part of the dialogue toward finding future solutions.

And why aren’t the candidates in Michigan? What essentially amounts to a (pardon my French) pissing contest between the DNC and Michigan as well as Florida.

If the Democratic nominee is Dennis Kucinich, he will have the advantage of being on the ballot AND campaigning in Michigan during the primary. But if the Democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton or Mike Gravel — those still in the race and on the Michigan ballot — that person will be at a disadvantage when the general race comes since they won’t have been here now campaigning in the state. If the Democratic nominee is Barack Obama or John Edwards, he will be at a double disadvantage since they were never on the ballot AND won’t have been here now campaigning in the state.

Michigan is a bellwether state — most of the time as Michigan goes, so goes the nation. Counting that Michigan went blue in 2000 and 2004, the last time Michigan went against the presidential election was 1976, and it could be forgiven for that since native son Gerald Ford was running against Jimmy Carter.

Do you think the Democratic candidates should be in Michigan? And if so, what should be their focus? Economy? Health care? Or something else?


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January 14, 2008 at 9:45 am

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