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Crossing the (picket) line

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Originally published on on Thu, 01/03/2008 – 9:15am

The difference between Democrats and Republicans: Hillary Clinton made a cameo on Letterman, who has a deal with his striking writers. Mike Huckabee crosses the picket line to be on Jay Leno’s show, which DOESN’T have a deal.

We know Huckabee seems to be bewildered by this world that we live in, but he actually said that he thought the union had reached agreement with all late-night shows, and was surprised to learn that there was a picket line. How can you be that clueless and still run for president?

Yes, we know Republicans are more hostile toward workers and worker issues. So it was a slap in the face when Huckabee went on Jay Leno, especially the first night back.

If Huckabee had guts, he would at least stand up on some principle, wrong as that may be. His “trying to have it both ways” is, dare we say, wimpish.

From Nikki Finke, who has been great about covering the writers strike.

UPDATE: I’m tipped tonight that Huckabee used the non-picketed Telemundo gate on Olive just south of Alameda in Burbank to avoid the picketers. The gate, which the WGA wasn’t picketing before, is now “tainted”, which is union terminology to mean that NBC and not just Telemundo is using it, so the WGA is now free to picket at that site as well.

Assuming this is true, Huckabee went beyond trying to have it both ways, and went for a third way.

If a presidential candidate has so much trouble following what is going on in the world, maybe that person should go home. We already have a “president” who doesn’t read what is going on; we don’t need another lazy person in the White House.


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January 3, 2008 at 9:15 am

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